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What Are Post Decree Modifications in New York City?

a woman and man are shaking hands Modifications are not an uncommon occurrence after a divorce.

The circumstances of a person’s life can change quickly, and occasionally these fluctuations may necessitate an adjustment to the provisions of your divorce ruling.

Parents may need to change their custody arrangements or support amounts, or some other aspect of their divorce rulings. Though modifications can be difficult to obtain, they are possible, especially with legal representation from a skilled New York City divorce modifications attorney.

The law office of Vivien I. Stark, P.C. will help you move through the proceedings quickly and with a better outcome. Vivien I. Stark has over 30 years of experience as a family law attorney in New York City and the surrounding areas. She is a top contributor and top divorce attorney recognized by Avvo and has superb client satisfaction ratings.

Why Might I Need a Divorce Modification?

There is a host of reasons why a divorced couple may need to modify their decrees. To ensure the best outcome, the modification will need to be handled by an experienced New York City divorce lawyer, as the courts require parents to show extensive documentation. Most of the time, modifications are requested when:

  • A parent’s income increased, and the other parent wants to request additional child or spousal support payments.
  • The property division decision needs to be changed because something was left out in the original agreement.
  • A parent or spouse loses a job or otherwise suffers a drastic decrease in income and support payments need to be altered.
  • Custody and/or visitation arrangements need to be changed because of relocation or another situation.
  • The parent with custody of the child has shown an inability to be an appropriate guardian, and the custody arrangements need to be changed.
  • The custodial parent wants to relocate, and the spouse disagrees and wants the court to stop the move.
  • The child’s needs have changed based on any number of situations, and support payments or custody arrangements should be modified to reflect their new needs.

Modifications are serious matters. To make the needed changes, the case will need to be seen by a judge. Substantial proof will be necessary before any revisions of the original decree will be made. Modifications to child support can only be made upon a showing of a substantial change of circumstances. Additionally, there are limitations on the amount of income change considered “substantial.” In many cases, the court will only change the payment amount if the income has increased or decreased by 15% or more.

If a parent loses a job, he or she must prove the change was not voluntary (i.e. the parent didn’t quit) and that he or she has been making significant effort to find work. Spouses can define their own terms of the new arrangement, but they must submit an agreement in writing, and it must be accepted by the judge. Divorce modifications can be both time-consuming and costly, so it is important to seek experienced representation from a New York City divorce modifications attorney to get the outcome you desire in the most efficient way.

Experienced Modification Attorney in New York City

At the law office of Vivien I. Stark, P.C. we understand people’s lives can change suddenly and not always for the better. We have experience with modifications of all types and provide the expert legal representation you deserve.

As with all cases in divorce and family law, we keep the best interest of our clients and their children in mind at all times. Because you will need to make your case before a judge, a skilled New York divorce modifications lawyer is your best bet for the acquiring the best financial arrangement. We work to get your modification request through the court system as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

To discuss your needs, please contact us online or call us at (212) 349-1600 to schedule an in office or telephone consultation.

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