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Parental Alienation Cases in New York City

New York City Parental Alienation Attorney Law Office Vivien I. Stark

Child custody disputes can create a tremendous amount of stress for everyone involved, including the parents, attorneys, and especially the children, which is why it’s so important to hire a knowledgeable and experienced New York City parental alienation attorney if you feel your child is being manipulated.

Because custody disputes are often long winded and expensive, they can lead to a lot of mental health issues. Unfortunately, sometimes the disputes continue to go on even after a ruling is decided. Children sandwiched in the middle of a custody battle are usually the ones who suffer the most. It is not uncommon for one parent to feel resentful toward the other.

What is Parental Alienation in NYC?

Parental alienation is when one parent purposefully manipulates the child’s relationship with the other parent. For instance, when one parent claims the other is causing the child to want to spend less time with them. One parent could say to the child, “the other parent doesn’t want to see you,” or some other type of language which insinuates that the parent doesn’t “love” him or her. As you can imagine, this can be incredibly stressful on the child and can lead to feelings of alienation and confusion. Occasionally, this can cause the child to develop Parental Alienation Syndrome. Though this syndrome is not officially recognized as a defense by the courts, it does explain the mental damage this type of behavior can cause.

In New York City alienation cases, the courts work with parents to try and remedy the situation for the child’s best interest. The courts first need to determine why the child is being alienated and the best way to resolve the situation. In mild cases, the court may rule that the child needs to see a therapist and that the visitation schedule needs to be changed. The court may rule that the child needs to spend more time with the alienated parent.

Is Parental Alienation Abuse?

In more severe cases, the judge may consider this a form of abuse and completely remove the child from the home of the alienating parent. It is usually in the court’s opinion that the alienating parent does not show remorse and will continue to use the child to cause alienation of the other parent unless drastic measures are taken. Of course, the court will always opt to do a psychiatric evaluation before proceeding. The court always tries its best to mediate the situation in a fair way, but in some cases, a complete overhaul of the custody ruling is necessary.

When addressing an alienation case, it is important to remedy the situation with the help of a New York City parental alienation lawyer as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the child. Unfortunately, courts are not always hasty to attend to these cases. Alienation cases can become very complex and lengthy because they have so many different components. It is always best to seek a competent attorney experienced in alienation cases. New York City divorce attorneys can get your case heard in court quickly and will fight for the rights of you and your child.

New York City Parental Alienation Attorney

If you suspect your child is in the middle of a parental alienation situation, contact the law office of Vivien I. Stark, P.C. today. Vivien has over 30 years of experience in family and divorce law, and she specializes in several areas of practice. She will get your case heard as soon as possible and will fight for the best interests of your child at all times. Vivien I. Stark serves the five boroughs of New York City and the surrounding communities. She is a fierce advocate for her clients. She has also been recognized by Avvo as a top contributor and divorce attorney with superb ratings and is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.

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