Unfortunately, relationships do not always work out. When a couple decides to end their relationship, complications may arise – especially when there are children involved.
The mother claimed the father had been abusive toward her during the time the parties were living together. However the mother did not seek medical or police intervention for the alleged domestic violence.
There are many circumstances when a judge may permit you to serve your spouse divorce papers via social media. Perhaps you and your spouse separated months, or even years ago; or, maybe they disappeared suddenly without any explanation.
This October, a dismissal of a case in Kings County was found to be an error of law. In the case of B.S v. S.A., 65 Misc. 3d 1213(A) (Fam. Ct. Kings Co. 2019), a mother, who was religiously but not civilly married to the alleged father, was told her petition for child support was being denied because paternity of her children was not established.
New York State views same-sex divorces the same as any other divorce. Same-sex divorces can be contested or uncontested, there are tax implications to splitting up, and child custody and support decisions are up for negotiation.
There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into any court case. This work seems small but it’s all about making sure the little details are done correctly.
The child support guidelines are a good starting point in determining a child support obligation, but your New York matrimonial law attorney should not stop there. The law office of Vivien I. Stark, P.C. investigates every factor in your family law case to determine the best possible outcome for you and your children.
There was never a final order of protection or any findings of neglect or abuse against the husband because the mother refused to testify as to the details of his abuse in a prior proceeding where she was a non-respondent witness.
There is nothing scarier than not feeling safe in your own home. If you are facing the threat of violence or if someone in your house is enduring domestic abuse, filing for an order of protection is the next step in protecting yourself and your family.
We understand what is required to convince a judge to update a divorce agreement, and we stand ready to help you prepare the strongest case possible to obtain the outcome you deserve.