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How Assets are Divided in New York 

September 25, 2023
When couples decide to divorce, it is natural for thoughts to turn to what each person will keep or retain after the dissolution is final. Each state determines how it will divide assets in a divorce, and New York uses an equitable distribution system. But what does this mean? Property Classification Property is classified...
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Common Financial Mistakes People Make During a Divorce

Divorces can be emotional and highly charged at times, permitting critical financial mistakes that have long-term effects on future financial stability. Taking a step back to gather a clear picture of your current financial status and future projections allows for rational decision-making when it matters most. Making these common financial mistakes during a divorce...
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Child Support Modification

August 30, 2023
Life changes. A child’s needs increase, a parent’s earnings change, and a wide range of other factors can influence child support payments. It is possible to pursue child support modification under New York law, and though complex, it is not uncommon. The key is to demonstrate the benefit to the child for such modifications....
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Is New York a No-Fault Divorce State

August 19, 2023
New York was the last state in the country to accept the no-fault divorce status. If you are considering filing for divorce, you may wish to understand how this particular form would impact the outcome of asset division and other marital decisions. In a no-fault divorce case, the court is empowered to dissolve the...
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Tips for Preventing Parental Alienation

July 27, 2023
Actions and words used by a parent can send negative messages to a child about the other parent, creating a situation of alienation. A child may see the other parent suspiciously, feel unsafe in their presence, and become fearful of that parent. Often the intention is to hurt the other parent. When one parent...
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Navigating a Contentious Divorce

July 14, 2023
Divorce often brings out the worst in people, and spouses can become bitter, angry, and resentful toward one another, with the legal process becoming combative. Agreeing on important issues such as asset division, custody, support, and maintenance support or alimony are heatedly contested. When spouses choose to lash out at each other to wound...
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How is Property Divided in a New York Divorce

June 26, 2023
Working together in a divorce is the best possible outcome a couple can aim for. Division of assets can be challenging when considering all of the factors that will influence life after the dissolution of a marriage. It can leave you with apprehension and fear for the future when your financial security seems shaky....
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Vacations and Child Custody in New York

June 10, 2023
Planning vacations as a divorced parent may require navigating multiple schedules to finalize a date. It may take the spontaneity out of travel but can be essential for your trip to occur. Understanding what is expected from each parent during vacations is vital to maintain a healthy relationship with your former spouse and benefit...
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