NY Child Support Modifications

The separation or divorce of a couple with children is a life-changing event, but it’s probably not the only substantial change you will face. A job loss or a new job, remarriage, the birth of a new child or similar major events can all make it necessary to change the amount of child support being paid.

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NY Child Custody Evaluations

If you are undergoing a divorce and have children, you have heard the term “in the best interest of the child.” This is the most important standard the New York courts will use to determine child custody and visitation.

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Proving Emotional Abuse in New York Child Custody Cases

There are no bruises, cuts, concussions or broken bones – but there are broken hearts and broken spirits. Emotional abuse is just as damaging as physical abuse, and perhaps even more so. Emotional abuse of children may include verbal assaults—such as a barrage of criticism and insults—or isolating, terrorizing, ignoring, rejecting, neglecting or exploiting a child.

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Are NY Divorce Records Public?

Privacy issues have never been more of a concern than they are today. We all hope that our personal matters are kept private, but are they? When it comes to divorce records, the answer is yes and no.

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How to Prove an Unfit Parent in NY

Bitterness over terms of the divorce can cause one parent to be especially critical of how their ex is raising a child. What happens, though, when a parent is truly unfit to be caring for and raising a child? How do you prove it—and when do the courts intervene?

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How to Prepare for a New York Child Custody Case

New York child custody cases can, understandably, be quite emotional. Most parents want their children to have the best, healthiest, and happiest lives possible and are only at odds when they and their ex disagree over how to provide such lives. While coming to a custody agreement out of court is generally preferable, there are plenty of circumstances in which litigation becomes necessary.

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Cohabitation Agreements in New York

If you and your partner are considering moving in together or are already living together and planning to continue doing so, you may wish to explore the idea of legal cohabitation. A cohabitation agreement is a legal document that you and your partner may collaborate on and eventually sign with the purpose of protecting yourselves and your interests financially and simplifying other details should you ever break up or if the relationship ends due to death.

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Legally Separated Before Divorce in New York

New York is one of several states that recognizes and grants legal separations to married couples. A legal separation is not a divorce, but many of the issues you would resolve in a divorce are also addressed in legal separations, such as equitable property division, spousal support, child custody, and child support.

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Emancipated Minors and NY Child Support

Emancipation of a minor child can be obtained by court order if and when a child becomes financially self-sufficient, no longer lives with his or her parents, and/or is no longer under parental guidance or control.

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