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Brooklyn Child Custody Attorney

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Child custody decisions can be emotionally distressing and overwhelming, and New York’s child custody laws can be complex. As a parent, your priority is protecting your child’s future. At The Law Offices of Vivien I. Stark, our child custody attorneys will fight for your parental rights and ensure your custody matter receives the attention it deserves.

Our child custody attorneys have:

  • Extensive knowledge of child custody law;
  • More than thirty years of experience; and 
  • A deep understanding and compassion for parents and their children.

Contact The Law Offices of Vivien I. Stark in Brooklyn today to schedule a child custody or child support consultation with a professional.

Our Brooklyn Child Custody Attorneys Can Help

Disagreements quickly arise in child custody matters. This is where having an experienced child custody attorney is imperative. The skilled attorneys from The Law Offices of Vivien I. Stark will stand beside you throughout your custody case and do the following:

  • Negotiate with your spouse’s counsel;
  • Seeking resolution to your custody issues;
  • Agree; or
  • Present your concerns in a court hearing.

Our Brooklyn divorce lawyers can help you modify an existing child custody order or build a custody case. Reach out to The Law Offices of Vivien I. Stark for guidance with your New York child custody issues now.

Types of Child Custody in Brooklyn

Child custody in New York is decided according to the best interests of the child. Child custody proceedings are typically part of a divorce, annulment, separation, or adoption. However, child custody modifications may be stand-alone family law cases.

Parents in New York may have legal or physical custody of their children or some combination of the two. If no custody order is in place, parents share legal and physical custody of their children until a family court rules otherwise.

What is Legal Custody in Brooklyn?

Legal custody refers to the right of a parent to make major decisions about a child’s upbringing, including:

  • Religious instruction;
  • Medical care; and
  • Education.

Joint legal custody is only an option for parents who are both fit and can make joint decisions for their children.

What is Physical Custody in Brooklyn?

Physical custody is the right of a parent to provide shelter and day-to-day care for a child. Parents may share physical custody per an agreed schedule. When one parent is the primary caretaker, the other parent may have visitation rights.

How Does the Court Decide Child Custody and Visitation in Brooklyn?

The court prefers parents make their child custody agreements as they know their schedules and children best. However, a New York judge will rule on custody matters after an evidentiary hearing if needed.

The court evaluates child custody based on the child’s best interests. This includes the following factors:

  • Age, health, and finances;
  • Lifestyle;
  • Stability;
  • Emotional bond with the child;
  • Evidence of domestic violence or drug abuse;
  • Home environment; 
  • The child’s preference; and
  • Any factors that may impact the child’s best interests. 

Contact an Experienced Brooklyn Child Custody Attorney

If you have questions about legal and physical child custody in Brooklyn, call The Law Offices of Vivien I. Stark. We can help you understand New York laws regarding child custody decisions and help you devise a plan that best meets your unique needs.

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