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Do I Need a Lawyer for My Divorce? 

Posted on April 22, 2024

A very common question for many people considering divorce is whether they need an attorney. The answer to this depends on the circumstances in your case and whether or not you have children or significant assets that must be distributed. In our experience, the best way to learn about the benefits or need for a divorce attorney is to meet with us to discuss your case.

If you are in the middle of filing for divorce or are contemplating this decision, we encourage you to seek out the help of a New York City divorce attorney from the Law Offices of Vivien I. Stark. Doing so ensures you can minimize any risks and change your name legally without delay.

Is the Divorce Uncontested?

One of the key questions involved in this process is whether or not both parties want to file a divorce and, even more importantly, if you both can agree on the terms of the divorce. If one party does not want to file for divorce, that can complicate the legal process and requires more formal legal actions.

If both parties agree to the divorce but do not agree on how the assets will be divided, that could impact the process, requiring more negotiations as well as more support from the court. In these cases, it is best to hire an attorney to guide you through the process.

What Are the Factors in the Case?

Numerous situations complicate the legal process and must be addressed carefully. These include:

  • Child custody
  • Child support payments
  • Distribution of valuable assets
  • Spousal support or maintenance

In every situation, decisions must be made regarding each of these areas with the agreement of both parties in order for the divorce to be simplistic enough to handle yourself.

Why Hiring an Attorney Makes Sense

One of the most important reasons to hire a divorce attorney is because you are facing numerous significant changes in your life. The decisions made during this process can be complicated, but they will ultimately impact your future, financially and emotionally. With the help of an experienced divorce attorney, you learn:

  • What all of your legal options are, and that often includes providing you with insight into the rights of your case
  • What legal strategies are available to help you minimize financial losses
  • The key differences between your desires and those of your spouse
  • How negotiations can be made if it is possible to do so, as well as how to make it possible
  • What the legal process is regarding your children as well as the division of high-valued assets

There is quite a bit to decide. Do you need a lawyer for your divorce? If you and your spouse can make these decisions with the goal of ensuring that you are fully protected in your future, then you may not need an attorney. Most of the time that is not the best decision. Having an attorney can ensure you get off to the right start with the next stage of your life after your divorce is complete.

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