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Child Support


Common Financial Mistakes People Make During a Divorce

Divorces can be emotional and highly charged at times, permitting critical financial mistakes that have long-term effects on future financial stability. Taking a step back to gather a clear picture of your current financial status and future projections allows for rational decision-making when it matters most. Making these common financial mistakes during a divorce...
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Child Support Modification

August 30, 2023
Life changes. A child’s needs increase, a parent’s earnings change, and a wide range of other factors can influence child support payments. It is possible to pursue child support modification under New York law, and though complex, it is not uncommon. The key is to demonstrate the benefit to the child for such modifications....
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How to File for Child Visitation Rights in New York

April 10, 2023
Separations and divorces can cause instability in a child's life, often separating them from important, influential people in their world. Maintaining continuity helps children gain a sense of balance in their world as their family dynamics change significantly. You may need help establishing visitation with a child during divorce proceedings. A family law attorney...
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Child Support Across State Lines

February 23, 2022
Do I still have to pay child support if the custodial parent moves to another state where the age of emancipation is lower than 21? In New York, parents ordered to pay child support must continue to do so until the child turns twenty-one or becomes legally emancipated (getting married, joining the armed services...
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Child Support Rules for Military Families

January 31, 2022
While the federal government requires U.S. military service members and veterans to pay child support for their custodial and non-custodial children, these federal regulations do not override individual state rules regarding child support.  Instead, they serve to enforce these laws by ensuring service members’ compliance with making their child support payments.   The federal government also...
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New York City Child Support Modifications

May 19, 2020
The separation or divorce of a couple with children is a life-changing event, but it’s probably not the only substantial change you will face. A job loss or a new job, remarriage, the birth of a new child or similar major events can all make it necessary to change the amount of child support...
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Emancipated Minors and NY Child Support

February 4, 2020
Emancipation of a minor child can be obtained by court order if and when a child becomes financially self-sufficient, no longer lives with his or her parents, and/or is no longer under parental guidance or control. There are many reasons a minor may seek legal emancipation, including the following: Making a considerable income and...
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What Happens When Child Support is Not Paid in New York?

November 12, 2019
Unfortunately, relationships do not always work out. When a couple decides to end their relationship, complications may arise – especially when there are children involved. However, whether a child’s parents get along or not, both parents are expected to support the child in New York. In this article, we will review what happens when...
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