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Emancipated Minors and NY Child Support

Emancipation of a minor child can be obtained by court order if and when a child becomes financially self-sufficient, no longer lives with his or her parents, and/or is no longer under parental guidance or control.

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How Child Support is Determined in New York

The child support guidelines are a good starting point in determining a child support obligation, but your New York matrimonial law attorney should not stop there. The law office of Vivien I. Stark, P.C. investigates every factor in your family law case to determine the best possible outcome for you and your children.

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What You Need to Know About New York Child Support Modification

When children are involved in a divorce, there is an obligation to ensure that they are financially taken care of until they are 21 (or under 21 if they are in the military, married, or otherwise self-supporting, or if they have left the home). That obligation is child support. However, when there is “substantial change” in circumstances, a modification of child support may be warranted.

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