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Child Custody


Four Ways You Can Lose Custody of a Child

December 3, 2019
Although New York’s courts are not eager to strip custody rights from a parent, they have an obligation to ensure the safety and well-being of children. If you and your co-parent have a set custody arrangement you are likely already aware of the behaviors that will result in loss of custody. While some of...
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Types of New York Child Custody Plans

September 17, 2019
Find a New York City child custody plan your family can live with Divorce is a stressful situation made more difficult by the prospect of losing time with your children. New York Family Court judges review several factors of your case to determine the best possibly custody plan that serves your child’s best interests....
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Elements of a New York Parenting Plan

July 30, 2019
Many of us grew up with a calendar on the refrigerator, on which our parents penciled in our daily schedules for school, extracurricular activities, doctor’s and dentist’s appointments and other events. It was a valuable tool that helped us know that each day, each week and each month would run as smoothly as possible....
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