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I have been represented by Vivien Stark for 8 years in an extremely complicated, from every point of view, case. Child support, visitation, abuse, medical mistreatment – you name it. I can’t praise this attorney highly enough. She’s very smart, dedicated, knowledgable, and well-respected in the court rooms. Vivien always comes 100% prepared for the hearings; she is very honest, detail-oriented and thorough. Ms. Stark fights fiercely for her clients putting all her knowledge and dedication into her cases. Legal fees for that level of legal work and representation are very reasonable.


Vivien is an excellent lawyer. She is not only knowledgeable of the laws and the system, but also over Judges and lawyers she goes up against. She has an excellent read on others, and keeps calm despite how often I lost my head during “the process.” It took 1.5yrs for Vivien to help me gain custody of my beautiful daughter. Vivien still keeps herself available to answer any questions or concerns I might have. And when it feels the sky is falling, Vivien goes over the laws point by point until I am at ease. I will use Vivien again and again and would recommend her without a moments hesitation!


I am Thanking Vivien Stark and her staff for helping me with my difficult divorce. Vivien Stark and her assistants not only gave me the most professional service but they helped me with professional care. Ms. Stark encouraged me to keep the faith and that she will handle all my needs. Her staff I have to say we’re very attentive to my needs. The mannerism I loved from Ms. Stark’s company, I started with Ms. Starks company about 9 months ago and was completely done with my divorce. I am very impressed with Ms. Stark and her company and was very happy with the price that was quoted to me, I also have to say Ms. Stark’s company was very reasonable because Ms. Starks company was also able to give me a payment installment.


Vivien is an excellent Lawyer, she handled our case in Family court with great experience. She explained everything about the case in detail so we could understand, she was prompt in returning our calls also. We won the case!


Vivien handled my case from end to end, while keeping it within my budget, and setting realistic expectations. My case was involving interstate child support, divorce and child custody (with some very compacted twists). She got to know my case very well, did an outstanding representation and subsequently won it. I’m very glad that I’ve chosen Vivien to work on my case.

– MA

Get Vivian on your side before the other side does cause then your toast. Vivian even had my opponents lawyer shaking in their shoes. She won my case that was very complex. The presiding Judge could only agree with Vivians argument on my behalf. She was unstoppable, relentless and refused to stop until she had secured my request from the court. I refer to her by her first name because she is very personable. Thanks Vivian.


Ms. Stark is a wonderful person both on a professional and personal level. Her work has always proven to be outstanding. She is a very caring and devoted to her clients and would highly recommend her.


Recommended through a friend to review my Pre-nup. She explained it all to me in “english” so to speak. Patient with all of my questions and highlighted some unfair issues. She was able to negotiate them so that the agreement was fair for the both of us which is should be. I found her easy to work with and fair with her time in ratio to her billing. She made this event a lot easier for me to deal with.


I recently retained Vivien in a divorce case and was extremely satisfied with her knowledge, service and fees. Her advice is always in your best interest even if you want to do something that is not. I also felt she was sensitive to the fact that this was a difficult decision for me which was somewhat comforting. Regarding her fees, her consultation fee is applied against your retainer if you retain her. For $200 consultation fee there is no time limit (although I’m sure at some point your time is up. I recall being there for at least an hour. ) Her office is upfront about this when you first call. I spoke with other attorneys whose fees were multiples of her retainer, consultation fees and hourly rate. In addition, it was difficult to reach them. Vivien is approachable, fair, knowledgeable and a straight shooter. I was very happy that I had her on my side.

– LORI G. 

I don’t understand why people are upset with paying a consultation fee. Getting knowledgable advice from experienced people, is the key to success. I met with Vivien because I needed advice related to my Child Support obligation. I learned a great deal in that 1 hour, that will probably save me several thousand over the next 8 years. She is very very sharp, and clearly knows her craft. There’s no doubt she’s been doing this a long time. I’m very happy that I met with her, she was a tremendous help to me.


Had a consultation with Vivien earlier this week. I was taken in on time for my appointment. Although NY currently does not have jurisdiction over my case, I received a lot of information about the child support and custody laws here in NY. She was very professional and informative. I will definitely consider hiring her in the future.


My experience with Vivien was great. I know my divorce was a simple case ( No children, no house together…) but since I’m not american I was a little confused and lost with all the term used. She explained me everything very clearly and also gave me advice regarding what would be in my best interest. I don’t regret my choice of picking her for my case.I’m officially divorced now.Thank you Vivien you are very professional and know your job.


I used Vivien a little a year ago for a custody agreement and was more than pleased with the results. Vivien is a strong advocate for her clients and she always had my best interest in mind and always knew what my next step should be. I was in a stalemate with my former Husband and after Mrs. Stark began negotiations we were finally able to settle! I cannot thank her enough for helping me get my issues resolved quickly and amicably. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a knowledgable and caring lawyer on their side.

– LILY S. 

I used Vivien for a child support case. Working with her was an amazing experience. I had gone to other lawyers for a consultation and payed high fees but wasn’t satisfied with their suggestions and didn’t feel the positive energy I immediately felt with Vivien. After going over all the details of my case she told me what my options were and came up with a plan that made total sense and followed through with it. The office staff was pleasant to deal with. My calls were returned promptly and all questions and concerns were handled in a patient and competent way. I am deeply grateful for everything she did for me and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a divorce attorney.

– ELLA M. 


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